OR Srl® born in 1975 through the union of technical and sales of precision machining experts, manufacturing and testing tools and setting up of machine tools.

Subsequently, it inserted in its program the production of precision accessories for machine tools, both lines under the brand OR.

The vast experience gained has allowed subsequently the introduction in the international world a range of new products, thus assuming in time gradually corporate shares of two new companies with the following brands:

HSG®, a manufacturer of carbide tools, HSS / Co such as drills, end mills, taps, etc.. both standard and drawing.

KERN®,  manufacturer of gauges block, calipers, micrometers, comparators, etc..  of high precision.

Later OR Srl® completes its sales program in collaboration with Kiyoko®  wholesaler dealer of carbide inserts of  Japanese brands for the parallel importation of these with competitive prices.

With this, OR Srl® wants to offer to its distributors,  products in alternative to the big brands often too expensive. 

OR Srl® designs, manufactures and distributes measure and control instruments, accessories of machine tools of high precision and quality with its own brand OR®, meticulously following the production process.

The strongest point of OR® is that it has been able to combine high quality products and very competitive price at the international level, all supported by a meticulous service to the customer that will follow you in all phases of the order . Our sales engineers will suggest you the best.

Our  qualified staff provides its customers with a high level of know-how acquired in many years of experience.

Our production and commercialization always try to reach the top of modern technology and meet the most sophisticated requirements dictated by the use of inquiry processes.

The technical department O.R. S.r.l. ® is serving customers for both the use and the choice of instruments, accessories, tools for the realization of special accessories according to your requirements.

Quick delivery time.

Buying products O.R. Srl® it means ensuring your company not only top quality products, but also the added value of a service tailored user.